Certified Asset Management Assessor Exam in Brazil

On May 15, 2017, at the headquarters of ABNT in São Paulo, 21 specialists participated in the beta exam of the Portuguese language version of CAMA exam.

We are pleased to report that 12 candidates have so far been approved. Now we have 20 Brazilians with the international CAMA certification. As of this date, we have approximately 220 people with CAMA certification around the world.

The beta test was carried out by experts to verity the quality of the test before it is put into production. These experts commented on errors, translation quality, clarity of issues, among other issues.

In the case of CAMA, most of the participants are members of ABNT's Special Studies Committee on Asset Management (CEE-251 which is the TC 251 mirror committee in Brazil) and work in organizations such as: Petrobras, Companhia de Metro de SP, ABS Group Services do Brasil, Deloitte, Angloamerican , AES Eletropaulo, Meridium - GE Digital, Procobre, Arcelor Mittal, Pragma, SODEXO FACILIETIES SERVIÇOS LTDA, Gorceix Foundation, Arcelor Mittal Tubarão, Gol, Chesf, ANEEL, among others.


Some positive comments about the exam:

"I consider that the test was well formulated within an organizational context, which requires, besides knowledge, a professional baggage. I considered it quite appropriate and the time to fulfil all the questions challenging; in general, quite applicable to the context of today's industry."

"The test is extremely practical because it addresses both the professional knowledge and experience and also the knowledge about key disciplines to implement an asset management system. One point I really enjoyed is that it does not require to know the content of ISO 55.00x standards by heart. Instead, it focuses on understanding and interpreting requirements; a well-crafted and comprehensive test. Of course, it will be useful to certify people who are truly qualified to lead and/or implement the requirements of the standard. I had difficulties on some issues that made me reflect considerably on my knowledge. In short, I really enjoyed it. "


"Adequate test time, questions well aligned with objectives and well described. Only minor changes to be made, but nothing that affects the goal or makes it difficult to do."

Of course, there have also been some negative critics, some regarding translation and Portuguese errors that have already been corrected. Some participants had doubts about understanding some questions and for these concerns, we are consulting the results of the test in English to see if the problem is knowledge or quality of the questions.

ABRAMAN and WPiAM thank all the experts for the comments, criticisms and suggestions. We are sure that this certification will help raise the knowledge of Asset Management, not only in Brazilian organizations but around the globe.

The criticisms and suggestions are all being analysed and will be used to improve the exam. Based on the beta test, the CAMA exam in Portuguese will now be held as the formal exam in Brazil.

The next exam will be held in the 32nd. Brazilian Congress on Maintenance and Asset Management on August 11, 2017, the last day of the congress that starts on August 7, in Curitiba-Pr.

For more information on CAMA certification, see the ABRAMAN website (www.abraman.org.br) or WPiAM (www.wpiam.com).


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